Wednesday, February 10, 2010


My brave new fake hope
in my cobwebbed mind
saw you 've returned again
thin voice like thunder
in all though vain
suppliant of continuity
in an unbearable life
common for all, diachronic liar
for all the modern stressed
full of thorns plants
training in a school of nothing
for a future of better intakes
financially of course.
Hope whore you annoy me
you 're a present disease
you walk around our streets
you paint everything in pink
while heaven awaits
six billion suicide victims...


I live by default only in two states.
Strength and disillusionment.
A strength that is healthy, selfish, oppressive,
some times reassuring but other times rabid.
But always a strength secure, natural, made out of
water and air, a piece compatible with
my existence and I adopt it in full harmony
inside my cry.

And then disappointment, a goddess forever
pointed bearing cold gifts.Feeding on people being social.
Out of a haunted world but redeeming,
made out of fire and frost,
far more real and honest than anything else,
incredibly persuasive and absolute.
I fancy welcoming her in all formalities
thus honoring her.
Knowing that she is the womb of all my ideas.

Monday, February 8, 2010


I want to be like my cat
a careless walk after the rain
in a drawer out of aggravating matters
a nefarious employee of a civil couchette
trying to see the spire
on Antifont's bed
that constantly expands
meaning of life?
or easy poetry?

(for all the drug addicted poets)


As I was being built by the shipbuilder
under a perfect frenzy
two angry winds
sickened his hand,
for a trickle got lost
the eminent equilibrium.
Friend one with the water
is never born.
Thus I saw as lamentation
my first sailing.
But as soon as the golden showered sea
married my spotless wood
a sweet conscience of acceptance
dressed my head.
Yearning for the winds
to be my adversaries
in black unfortunate open seas
lay peaks to master
up on the grey wounded horizon
seeking for its blue.
Always inside my madness
there's a concern melting me
for my imbalanced deck
that sails over the waves.
Laughing times go by
and angry seasons
but now my sight
in wailing expires
on a magic sequence
of islands
thousands of hidden paradises
with a charming amnesia.
They never concerned me
or drunk I'd forget
small indifferent wastes
that quietly got more and more.
With acute power and bravery
swallowed tons of water
until on a dead beach made of darkness
without realising a thing got shipwrecked.
I stand arid
forgetting the sun
which goes up and down like mad
always getting away
becoming homesick of the foam
constantly cursing
a sinister shipbuilder
that ruined my glory
before I was even born.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Cries of joy, voices
new life's fires
festive splendors of pleasure
out of control fertility fair
embryonic whirlwind of creation
Satiated on immense heights
Undertaking monstrosities
seeking moderation and harmony,
words and deeds, in one head
beauty, in two hands responsibility
and the air now in a plain room
Actor and then man
For now thick silence, death's veil
Wear it as your mind goes dry
Haven't escaped the grim reaper. So be it,
since everything is closed
Dreams where did you get lost?
Full of joy we 've opened the windows
for the end's arrival
our most proper mother
thus singing a salvation song